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a gay man portraying a straight man forcing a lesbian actress playing a lesbian to focus on a hot dude’s dick

ladies and gentleman, American Horror Story. 

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Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience an inability to move.


About a year ago, I fell asleep on the couch while I was home alone. When I woke up, I couldn’t move at all. I didn’t really start to panic until I finally noticed what it was that was keeping me from moving. A pitch black figure was hovering over me, its limbs pressed against me. Its face…

Thissssss omg.


Rescued dogs - before and after! These people who saved them did an amazing job!

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We only said goodbye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her
And I go back to black

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if you hate me….. have you considered…. that I am beautiful? think it over

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